Karen Torosyan: “To evolve you need to compete with yourself not with others”

The evening that Michelin awarded Bozar Brasserie with a Michelin star was the day that Karen Torosyan knew that he would become the master of his own destiny. His fate changed that day, he knew he was about to make the investment of a life time. It was not the star that changed everything but rather the realisation that now was the moment to turn his dream of owning a restaurant into reality.

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One star in the Michelin guide


New on the top 2020

Karen Trorosyan Craftsman chef of the 2017 year

Selection 2020

Karen Torosyan World Champion of Pâté-croute 2015

Bocuse d’argent national selection 2017

2nd Place

Top 100+ European Heritage Restaurants 2019

21st position

Bozar Restaurant : « Klassiekers op Top Niveau »

Score : 85 / 100